Friday, August 17, 2012

Book Beginnings: A Storm of Swords

Every Friday Rose City Reader hosts Book Beginnings on Fridays. What you do is share the opening line(s) of the book you are currently reading and briefly discuss what you think about the opening line or the book or whatever else inspires you. Make sure to share your entry with Rose City Reader and in my comments below.

Here's my book beginning:

"The day was grey and bitter cold, and the dogs would not take the scent."

-A Storm of Swords, by George R. R. Martin

 That's the first line of the prologue, about as spoiler-free as it gets for those who haven't read either the first or second book. Reading further into the prologue you begin to realize the fact that the dogs don't take the scent does not bode very well. So far I'm 250 pages in and enjoying the book quite a bit.

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  1. I love the series. Good to see someone else enjoying it. Here is my post:

  2. I'm starting this series as soon as my new Kindle arrives, so I'm really excited!! Thanks for sharing and stopping by, I hope you have a great weekend!!
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  3. Oh, this does look tempting. Thanks for sharing...and for visiting my blog.

  4. I have just started watching the second of the TV series' - a friend assures me it would be better if I read the books though...

  5. ::sigh:: If I somehow manage to crack this one open by early September, I will jump for joy...I cannot believe I haven't finished you know what.

    Everyone tells me Storm of Swords is in on a whole other level of awesomeness, so I'm super jealous of your Song of Ice and Fire progress.

    Happy reading, Chris.

  6. We have the first four books here but I haven't read any of them yet. I like the beginning, though.

  7. Got this on the TBR ... i wonder if I'll take to it like you do! :)

  8. i am on this one too! i loved the first two and i hope this one will be even better since i don't know what will happen yet (i watch the show too)