Monday, March 14, 2016

Guest Post: Poetry by Samantha White

I'd like to share two poems by Samantha White, a couple of poems that struck me by their imagery and truth. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Here is the first poem:

Lord of the Flies
The beast that lurks in the corners
Is ready to spring any time.
The pain and all of the sorrows
Has labored the lord of the flies.
Like animals haunted and scared
We strive to look savage and wight.
How can we this possibly bare,
If poison is just in the mind?

And here is the second poem:

Image Disappearing
My image – no, the picture! –
Lies deeply… It’s growing
To reach the highness of expectations,
To fulfill my desire of perfection,
To correspond to my measures, if there are any.
It begins to straighten,
It still has curves, but it becomes linear –
And I STILL don’t like it.
I want it to be my creation, not someone’s.
Influences from the outside smirch it so badly.
Here it comes… at last… He’s gaining some unique flesh.
And, finally, He’s disappearing…

Samantha White – freelance writer from You may find me on Twitter and Facebook


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  1. Thanks, Chris! I'm glad the poems made an impact on you. Our impressions are worth every single word of truth.